Quick, look! My dad, Glenn, is on the front page of Sun.com! Although he doesn't really feel like it, he's moderating a chat next Thursday at 10 A.M. It's not an "A/S/L ehe" chat, of course, though. It's going to be a talk about Trusted Solaris 8, a project my dad practically heads at Sun. It's like the Windows NT of Solaris... a very, very high security OS. My dad's been working at Sun Microsystems as a Software Engineer since 1992.

My dad was talking to me about this funny thing with China - the Chinese government wants to buy Sun computers, along with their OS, Solaris, and lots of their software. The only thing they don't want, though, is my dad's OS, because they believe such a high-security thing could send top-secret information through a backdoor to America. Those paranoid Chinamen. Heheh.
8/10/2001 10:51:28 PM

This happened today. Those wascally campewrs. But at least my counselor training is over for the summer. I did all right, overall. For the rest of the summer I'll be free, but my relatives will be visiting. My grandma and grandpa are staying over now. Afterwards comes school! Yay!
8/10/2001 08:33:56 PM

Whoa my God. My cat just walked around on the keyboard, sending all of my IE windows to the beginning of their History. Wow. My cat is also mesmerized by stuff moving on the screen. He's one weird cat.

Well, I've made my first comic of my webcomic, Midgard. It'll be up whenever Keenspace says so.

Now, back to composing some more quality MIDIs.
8/9/2001 07:24:15 PM

My name is Jeffrey Faden, and I am a workaholic. On average, I serve an 9-hour work day - 7 hours spent as an intern at the JCC (therefore getting no money) and the other 2 working on Rupert, a computer art project for an artist ($40/hour WOO!!). I'm glad I still have some hours during the day to lay back and enjoy [internet] life.

During my field trip to Windsor Water Works today with my campers, I found an even better medium (than an IAQ) in which I should start my story, Midgard (no relation to the Midgar Swamp). I'll make a webcomic! And it'll have RPG elements, so it'll join the cast as the fourth known RPG comic out there!

But now, I shall compose more MIDIs.
8/7/2001 06:04:02 PM

This is what I'd call a late-night rant. It's twisted, contradictory, makes no sense in the morning, and is one of the only time when you'll really see my depressive side come out. Here goes.

God damn it. Why can't I think of any good ideas for comics - or things to draw - these days? I'm so glad I'm not stuck to a schedule, like most web cartoonists, or else I'd shut down this site before you could say "UR COMIX SUX." (I haven't posted any yet, but my future comics (that I draw on a whim) will appear here.) I don't know what's wrong. I mean, every cartoonist can get away with one or two comics saying "oh, I've got an idea! DAMN! I forgot it!" or "I can't think of an idea, so I'll draw a smiley face!" but I just can't think of anything. The problem probably is because my comics are about myself. And myself is a bit boring these days. I mean, who'd like to see a comic about me practicing for my SATs? Or making my website? OOOH!!! And even when I do get ideas for comics (hey look, I just got one - I go to a website and there's a TALKING SANTA), I think about them later and they suck. Hell, I already scrapped the idea I just got. Damn, that was a stupid idea. Well, as I said earlier, there's no sense in me saying "oh, well, I guess I can't conform to my schedule," because when it comes to webcomics, I don't have one! Even more importantly, I HAVE NO VISITORS!

All right. Now, just insert Jeffrey in bed for 7 hours, and in the morning, you'll have a nice, nonsenscial rant courtesy of me!
8/6/2001 11:32:53 PM

For some reason, this picture REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY scares me. Especially when I saw it on my desktop. Hoo.

This comic is about me, now that I think about it. People in the RPG World forum were complaining about their desire for this one shirt that was made up in the comic - one that simply stated "I Love Evil." So I decided to open up a store at CafePress and make a design for that shirt, so people could get it. Silly me - I forgot about who I stole the idea from (Ian J), and where the profit was going (me). So I had to take that down rather quickly. But now that I think about it, I hadn't set for that shirt design to make me any profit. And when Ian comes out with that same design (he said he would a while back), it's probably gonna have some stupid advertisement for RPG World. So maybe I could have talked with him before I took it down... but it even would've been better if I talked to him before I put it up in the first place.

Oh yeah, and I Added the Contact page, Blogger Archives, and a counter.
8/6/2001 10:06:46 PM

I'm trying to get people to come back to the Swamp, by reopening old sections jam-packed with sentimental value, and by trying to contribute as much as I can. (Given I'm playing CT-PSX in most of my free time, that's how much I can do.) For those of you who only visit here (I'm probably not talking to anyone now), you should know that I am a staff member of the Midgar Swamp, but if you know me from the Midgar Swamp, you'll know that I pretty much own it, now that James has moved on to fighting games, and sees no real need in keeping the Swamp alive. If I didn't care about the Swamp, he'd probably close it right down. But the thing is, even though I practically run the Swamp, he still feels obligated to be around the Swamp since he IS the owner. To put it another way - if I was officially made "leader" of the Swamp, it'd make no difference.

I'm not saying all this like it's a bad thing, though. As I said, I doubt James really cares about RPG humor much anymore - and he's probably felt bad for years now that I've upstaged him in the Swamp spotlight. I turned it into my personal site, and because of that, it lost lots of visitors. People complained (mostly BobCFed08, a former member that left because it was becoming too personal), so I decided that I should do what the fans want, since it's not a personal site. So I stopped blogging there, managed my free time a bit more, and started changing the Swamp so old fans would start visiting again.

The Midgar Swamp will not close its doors. I care too little to do that. That may sound strange, being the practical "leader" and all, but it doesn't really look like Swamp fans want much new. Before they get that, they want the old Swamp back. So even if the Midgar Swamp "died," meaning I stop updating it, it would still remain online as an archive for people to browse through. Also, when I mean that I care little, that also means that I'm not paying for it!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention - I added the Comics section.
8/5/2001 10:30:14 PM

I spent all morning doing an SAT diagnostic test. It's about 3 hours long, and is rather difficult. In about half an hour, I'll be having a math tutor from Ivy West coming over and "diagnosing" me. Oy oy oy. All this SAT stuff makes me feel like I have no free time, although this math tutor will probably only be here for an hour.
8/5/2001 01:28:20 PM