Holy crap. This is terrible. The GIA is not only out of money, but their computer hard drives ha, as far as I've heard, literally melted. I've been a fan of the GIA ever since the days of Cosmo Canyon, and enjoyed its misinformation about the wonderful "intelligent" games, while completely ignoring the others (games I probably would have also liked, but that's not the point). Doesn't look like it's going to survive. I don't have enough time or enthusiasm to donate money. I'll just have to wait until GameSpot or IGN become total monopolies... uh, that doesn't make sense.
9/1/2001 11:49:01 AM

It's late! It's a Friday! You know what that means... it's time for Jeffrey's End of the First Week of School Rant!!!

I've been so FUCKING swamped for the last week that I haven't had any time to blog about much. I apologize. But here's what's happened over the past few event-filled days!

I went to school a few times.

Ah, geez. And I was planning out an entire essay about how I did this and I did that all week. I guess I just lost my train of thought (finally, ugh!).

But here's something I DID do: I DID upload a qualitey comic, the first issue to my upcoming webcomic, Midgard! (No relation to the Midgar Swamp.) So yayayayay... my week was not for lost. or seomthing
9/1/2001 12:19:10 AM

Currently Playing: Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven

On my trip back from Bear Valley last week, I saw the most remarkable sunset I had ever seen. Ripples of cumulus clouds, bright orange with dabs of purple. Half of the sky was lit up. It was amazing. As I squinted into the distance (no, it wasn't some real pensive squint - just an eyes-hurting squint. I was looking into the sun, of course), Stairway to Heaven played. PERFECT timing! What better than an astounding view driving through the Central Valley of windmills silhouetted in front of an astounding sight with 8 minutes of non-stop Led Zeppelin. I'd go back to that time again, if it weren't for my ass hurting from the 4-hour car ride.
8/26/2001 03:38:11 PM

And now, my thoughts on Zelda for the GameCube.

If this isn't a big joke, Zelda has turned into a Saturday morning cartoon, ditching the "epic Link and Ganondorf swordfight" prototype we've watched again and again. Sure, Shigeru Miyamoto is a genius, but this is CRAZY! Zelda was never meant to be a kid's cartoon! ...Now that I think about this, the cranky CEO of Nintendo (if he's not dead yet) might have brought this on, with his "NO ADULTS ALLOWED" attitude. Overall, this is a stupid move for Zelda. The GameCube should be used to its full potential to make amazing, realistic games that we've seen it demonstrate.

...But seeing this cutesy Zelda maneuver makes me want to buy one anyway for some reason.
8/26/2001 01:30:19 AM