Well, the week's gone pretty much as expected. We've talked about the attack at school, and had a moment of silence today. I decided to join in the "spirit" by wearing red, white, and blue, and putting on a white ribbon. I put on the white ribbon, though, mostly because it covers up an "O" on my shirt and makes it look like it says "TIMMAY Hilfiger."

As you can see, I'm not really emotional about the whole attack. In fact, I don't really care to talk about it at all. I'd really like much better to talk about myself.

I'm drawing as much as I can for my new webcomic, Midgard. So far, I've designed three characters and introduced none, and I'm getting an adequate amount of hits for a starter's strip. I hope it's at least 1/10th as popular as RPG World... even though, surprisingly, that's a long shot. Also, now that I'm in full gear with my junior year of high school, my schedule's pretty much packed. I even have to manage my free time, mostly because of Midgard. Right now I really should be drawing some more.

I was given a full merit scholarship to Vector Theater Conservatory. I think that that's a big honor, since I was the only one to get one for the whole year, but that's probably because I'm the best new person, and there weren't a lot of those. But I got one nonetheless, exempting me from a registration fee of $1400. So that's what I'll be doing for extracurricular activities... boy, now that I think about it, I'm completely swamped!

And then I was just reminded that I have a babysitting job tomorrow, and then a birthday party, and then an SAT practice, and then aughblagughalgh...

Well, that's all I can write for now. Must go and do something else more productive. I think. Read my comic. Bye.
9/14/2001 09:24:23 PM

Hello! New York's gone!

It was pretty awkward that we had to sing "Joyful, Joyful" in Choir, 1st period.

What else... gossip travels fast... already I've heard rumors from eeeediots that people think SF's Trans-America Pyramid has been bombed, and that malls dotted around the country have also been bombed.

This is SO COOL! But I'll be flooded with melodrama because I say so. But it's like Independence Day or something!

San Francisco's pretty much closed because New York is. Weird.

Well, got to go! Have a nice day! :D
9/11/2001 09:32:57 AM