Well, my SATs are over for at least half a year. I feel like a new man. Or something. I took the rest of the day off today to commemorate my past few weeks of non-stop work. Argh.

Soon, Midgard will be tuned down to 2 times a week, because I'm getting accustomed to having some actual free time. That means one black and white one and one color one per week. And yes, it sort of has to do with my already becoming (admittedly) bored with drawing. If I don't devote my life to drawing, it will be more interesting drawing since I will have time to expand my free time on other things. ...It's complicated.

There's a girl at school that I've based my Midgard character, Kary, on. Of course, she dresses up in a somewhat Goth style, but she's rather friendly. She kept smiling at me during the SATs, as she was in the same room as I. Maybe it's because of my now long, bleached, somewhat curled hair. I tend to dress up in styles that are almost opposite from the dark, dreary style - I sometimes refer to myself as a Htog (know how to read backwards, folks?). Or Thog, the way I like to pronounce it or whatever.

Now, back to Tales of Phantasia. Aaahhh.
10/13/2001 07:31:01 PM

Wow. This is my cousin from my dad and stepmom's trip to New York. Haven't seen her in a while.

There's this guy who sits next to me in U.S. History. During speechs and debates, he always draws something on a piece of paper. And by God, is it disturbing.
Last week, during a debate about Dred Scott, he was drawing some naked, disfigured voodoo lady in some sort of wicker basket.
Today, he is drawing a man with an afro and big, bulgy eyes. He wears an Ecko shirt, and is holding his mail from a mailbox behind him, which is in a small bucket.. A large mollusk covers the lower portion of his face. He exclaims, "WOAH!"
And this is all from one of the most generic guys I can think of at school. It's things like this that make me want to throw away all of my preconceptions and stereotypes. But it's not like that's a good thing.

And I will leave you with this final note:
The word "love" has nothing to do with the word "perfection."
10/9/2001 02:57:36 PM

Yohhwooooah. I finally got my site back to normal by putting TWO <body> tags in instead of one.

I've been writing 5 pages of a 25-page essay all day today, so I don't really feel like writing much more, but here's what's been happening ever since I last posted:

I've gone to school.
My mom got stung by two bees.
I finished SAT tutoring.
I played with my cat.
I played with my dog.
I played with myself.

Even though that's all boring and such, my schedule is still oh-so-very PACKED.

Soon I'll be adding my first item to Misc. Stuff - pages I made in 1995 when I was 9 years old. Yes, that's right. I made webpages at age nine. And many were designed better than other pages made by college students at the time. Of course, they don't make sense. But then again, I never have made sense. Stay tuned 'n' stuff!
10/8/2001 11:19:37 PM