Now we've gone from DSL to dial-up! How invigorating!

Anyway, during my spare midnight hours, I've put together a MIDI of the Battle Theme of Golden Sun. The suck-ass part, which I'm amazed I didn't mention before --

We got Windows XP recently. I know everyone loves Windows XP, yadda yadda yadda, but it's a real conflict for people who have been on the internet for, say, more than a year, since almost ALL of my hardware doesn't seem to work.

Stuff that doesn't work:

  • My CD-Burner (won't read previously written CD-R-datas)
  • My scanner (old drivers)
  • My video adapter (old drivers)
  • My Zip drive (can't find certain files)
  • My DVD program (had to buy a new one)
  • ZSNES (XP doesn't do DOS programs - my savegames are inaccessible)
  • Programs that rely on file locations (XP moved my Desktop folder across the hard drive)

    And even my freaking SOUND CARD. It's been replaced with this stupid Windows Sound Software, where I can't get 3-D sound like before, and my MIDI devices are gone, and replaced with stupid wavetable crap that makes my MIDIs sound terrible.

    XP WOULD be really good, only if we had bought a new computer that came with it instead. A very good thing to come of it, though, is that we had to buy extra memory to use XP well, so now with 256MB, memory ain't a problem anymore. And a bigger hard drive is on the way.
    12/1/2001 11:00:57 PM

  • I'm all alone.

    As many of you probably know (and can't read this), @Home has cut off their service due to bankruptcy. I was up late last night to experience the rush of being kicked off the net, but decided to fall asleep instead. I wake up, and the harsh idea becomes reality.

    Fortunately, my dad's got a great ol' job at Sun Microsystems, and he gets free DSL for his business. So I'm using that instead... through a firewall, though. So I can't chat or recieve POP3 email. It sucks, but life goes on. I'm just really lucky that we're all so connected. Condolences go out to the people whose lives will be -totally- ruined by this inconvenience.
    12/1/2001 11:22:33 AM

    The only reason I can pause to blog is because it's late at night and I'm too tired to do anything else that I should be doing.

    First off - I'm making this ASSIVE photomontage of the American flag for my drama class. The photomontage consists of pictures related to terrorism (Osama bin Hidin', anthrax, etc.), and they come together to make up the flag. It will stand at a towering 7 x 16 feet, and it will be used as a backdrop for the performance my class is doing.

    I'm not part of the performance because I show no emotion at all about this terrorism crap. I just chose to do something alternate. Only problem, though - I've gone through two $30 color ink cartridges, and the deadline is coming up FAST.

    Second - I'm still working on my 25-page essay on Music in Early America. Pretty hard to find information about that, but I'm getting along. I've got to write 5 more pages this weekend. Ugh.

    Third - My comic. Oh, my comic. I work up to the last minute (sometimes even after) on my comics, which is a very bad comic artist trait. But I'm glad to be doing it, since lots of people are reading it. Hooray.

    Fourth - GOLDEN SUN IS THE BEST AND IT WILL EAT YOU. Camelot is now one of my favorite game companies. They've come a long way since Shining Force, but they still retain their own style. The GBA's capabilities are amazing. The music detail is also amazing... too bad Motoi Sakuraba didn't do his best job, IMO...

    Fifth - "Pants" in Japanese means "panties." Go figure.
    12/1/2001 12:01:55 AM