Anyway, like everyone else in the universe I got FFX today. UNLIKE everyone else, I won't be able to finish it tonight, though, because the PlayStation's at the other house... dammit. So all I can too is skim through the awfully brief instruction manual and twirl the DVD around my finger. It was interesting in that many other people were in line at Electronics Boutique to buy FFX, but most of them were middle-age moms. Go figure. I also noticed that the EB workers highly recommended FFX to clueless shoppers, referring to it as "probably the best game of the year." I could tell they were very excited to leave work and play through it all night like all the rest of you who are not me. FFX is the reason that I bought the PS2, and after almost a year of waiting with The Bouncer and Zone of the Enders... I GOT IT, BABY.
12/19/2001 06:40:11 PM

Everything2 is stoOpid. I think I agree with Stile on his statement of their elitism... fortunately/unfortunately, it's a pretty good place for research.

<JeffreyAtW> I didn't know opinion wasn't appreciated here. *braces*
EDB has swallowed JeffreyAtW. JeffreyAtW was tasty!
<Imprecation> Oh, dear.
<dem bones> (I prefer to let them brace themselves first ... especially if they're still in High School)
<(darsi)> umm.... fun for all
The Oolong Man is gratified to see someone so well-prepared for the Borg, hopes Jeffrey doesn't take it badly.
12/19/2001 05:49:05 PM