Mally Clistmass. I got hella rad mad bootay today.

The Centerpiece: a 60 GB internal hard drive. WHEEE~! I get to download as much porno as I want!
More Yay For Your Dollar: Gran Turismo 3, and a cell phone (to share with my sister... meaning it's really for her.)
Other Tidbits: A PS2 extension cord (to replace the chewed up one that was left in the basement), CANDAY from my sister, an FFX strategy guide (will NOT open it until I've beaten it), and a really cool fold-out alarm clock.

My dad also got a Palm Pilot cell phone. I was the one who thought of those, dammit. Anyway, now I can play 3-D Air Hockey over the IR port with him. Yay.
12/25/2001 10:27:17 AM

I spent most of the past three days playing FFX nonstop. It's great. Read The GIA's review. I can get really tired being stationary in the same spot for the whole day.

Also with my free time, I made 5 little piano MIDIs from FF5. Done by request, so that's why the 6th, 7th and 8th aren't there.
12/24/2001 10:31:30 PM