It's time for the BLOG OF THE CENTURY!!!

Actually, first, you might want to download this load of goodness. It's about the best animation I've ever seen, on the opposite end of the scale of Final Fantasy. You'll see what I mean. And even more amazingly, it was recommended by an RPG World forum member. About the only good thing I ever got out of that place. In fact, I'm watching it as I blog.

Finals are over. This is a good and bad thing. The bad part: I can't give an excuse that I'm too busy with activities and can't do anything extracurricular. The good part: Heheheh. I have nothing at all to do. A nice, 5-day long weekend to do some major vegging.

Major vegging, like sittting back and having the leather couch fuse to my sweaty back as I finish up Final Fantasy X. That's about all the news from my dad's house, since that's all I do there.

At my mom's house, I've been taking full advantage of her new DSL line. For some odd reason, she doesn't take her laptop to work. Instead, she hauls her NT workstation to and from work almost every day. And she works in Menlo Park, almost across the SF Bay. But she lets me use her laptop now, so I've been downloading muchos songs. Mostly by Ayumi Hamasaki, the woman who sings the music in that clip I HELLA RECOMMENDED. She was recommended by our new Japanese roomate.

Ah, forgot to mention that. My mom often has exchange students stay at her house for some extra dough, most of which are Japanese. So we've got Miwako Mori, a girl in her early 20's who's taking some classes at our local community college. She's suspiciously quiet during the day, though, since she stays in her room (which she stinks up since she smokes (outside, but still her clothes and other things stink up the room (correction: MY room, which I often surrender for roommates (fortunately, I get to stay in the computer room)))) all day and only comes out for meals. Eh, don't want to be nosey.

She has agreed, though, to aid me in my Japanese study. And she did show interest in my growing collection of anime titles, my Final Fantasy media and paraphernalia collection, and THE LINK WHICH WILL EAT YOU NOW CLICK HERE. I expect to make friends with her once she discovers she's not banished from the rest of the house outside her room.

Ah, there is ONE factor which dares to impede in my 5 days of bliss: new friends. Throughout the past month, I've had a group in my choir class come over to my house to practice a song (which I composed). I ended up making really good friends with a few of them, and so we're going to go see a movie on Sunday. Orange County. I just love telling people that Colin Hanks is Tom Hanks' son. I don't know why.

Well, I think I'll go watch the video a few more times and then go work on my COMIC OH FUCKING NO HOLY HELL GOD NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1/18/2002 11:24:34 PM

My God, am I having a fucking good day. Here's a MIDI FAQ for all of you.
1/13/2002 07:18:36 PM