Speaking about MIDIs, here's a new one right now. I just completed a battle MIDI for Lucas of FerretSoft. It marks the beginning of my freelance MIDI composing career.

I think I'm going to say freelance a bit more. Freelance, freelance, freelance. Fun!

Oh, I also belatedly changed my email to jeffreyatw@hotmail.com. Don't email me at jeffreyatw@portalofevil.com ever, ever, ever again. Freelance.
1/22/2002 06:42:53 PM


I can drive now and it's fun yay. I was so happy that on the ride home I forgot to brake soon enough and the person behind me spun out as my dad's Lexus I was driving came to an abrupt stop. That was cool.

Well, my second semester starts tomorrow, so I'd better... uh... brace myself and such. Must go back to making MIDIs! :)
1/22/2002 06:04:36 PM

I just finished reading a New York Times article I saved from Sunday. It was titled "Anime, Japanese Cinema's Second Golden Age," written by Dave Kehr. It commemorated the release of "Metropolis," a new movie based on a 1949 Osamu Tezuka anime. I though the article was very well researched, as it pretty much recapped the entire history of anime. You can read the article here, after you sign up for free. The article even mentions La Blue Girl... hehehe.

Anyway, I've decided to become a freelance MIDI composer, full-time. (That is, full-FREE-time.) That means I'm open for MIDI composing and sequencing requests. Fun, fun, fun.

One last thing - I'm taking my driving test today. I feel confident - I've even been practicing parallel parking a lot in the past week - so I'll probably get my liscence today!

Hmm. I just woke up, so as you can see, I'm not making any elaborate rants right now. I think I'll go work on some MIDIs...
1/22/2002 11:11:19 AM