2/13/2002 03:28:20 PM

Two true stories from Safeway. Who is John Romero, you ask? Go read Penny Arcade. They constantly bash the CEO of the now-dead Ion Storm. Wouldn't it be sad if that was THE actual John Romero working at Safeway.

By the way, if you can't read these comics that clearly... then get Opera! The only browser with a zoom tool!
2/10/2002 12:06:19 PM

Haruka's page is DEAD, thanks to the help of the people of RockeT CanyoN, which... also seems dead at the moment.

I'm using Opera nowadays. It's all right - it's faster than Internet Explorer, has a nifty Page Magnify option, and a built-in Google search. The only problem is that it makes this text field I'm typing into really, really small for some reason...

Anyway, I updated the MIDI page with a new FAQ question, and Lucas' Theme.

My mom and I went to Best Buy yesterday, and bought a Samsung DVD/VHS player. It's my mom's first DVD player, and she's rather pleased with it. (We actually had only gone to Best Buy to get a new universal remote, but the DVD/VHS player came with it.)
I also bought a Rio CD/MP3 player yesterday, for an upcoming ski trip to Yosemite with my mom. I'm downloading hundreds of MP3s for her right now.

It was a big day for Marin yesterday, as three top stories on the KTVU 10 o' Clock News focused on Marin. And my family had something to do with all of them.

The first story was about a helicopter rescue at Muir Beach, where a man fell down a steep hill after falling off a path. We were there to see the helicopter rescue (it flew right over us), and then we rushed to see the injured man being questioned. Pretty cool to see the exact same thing on the news.

Second, there was a story about sudden Oak and Redwood death that's plaguing the area. One of my former Counselor-in-Training instructors, Pip, was the highlight of the story as he guided some fifth graders through a nature walk in Walker Creek, where my sister and I had also gone in fifth grade.

Third was a very local story of the death of a baby at Kaiser Hospital, just down the street from us. Some guy with four wives lived close by and malnourished his 12 children.

So Marin's an exciting place all of a sudden. Yay. But I'm stuck here making MIDIs for people. ...Oh wait, that's really fun. Yay.
2/10/2002 10:20:56 AM