And I've added comments again. I didn't even have to set up a remote host, and they're really reliable. Get one, Bloggeranians!
2/27/2002 12:28:49 AM

Well, Paul Chun was so popular that my site was suspended yesterday for excessive bandwidth usage. Hoo hoo... Paul himself enjoyed it as well, and this other bystander asked me to write the URL down on a five dollar bill.

I bought these little Listerine Mouthwash Strips. They're really expensive (and I almost killed myself getting them, our local gas station is in the middle of split traffic lanes), but I guess they work. *breathes*

I didn't chat with ANYONE today. Well, okay, not before 10PM.

Don't look at that streaming FFXI video that they've got out. Sure it's live, sure it's high-quality, but all you see is the sun rising and falling, and this cat-girl's ass. And not a GOOD cat-girl's ass, so don't get any ideas.

Uhh... read Real Life. I'm gonna be Greg Dean when I grow up.

I saw the premiere of Watching Ellie in hopes that Julia Louis-Dreyfus would return Seinfeld to us... and her new show is 1/4 as good. I say 1/4 because only 1/4 of the Seinfeld cast is there. The other three guys they introduced are big hulking dumbasses that want to get in the sack with Julia. It won't last, not at all. Poor cast of Seinfeld... now they've ALL tried to get back into the spotlight, and have ALL failed miserably.

Speaking about NBC and terrible things, my oral report on NBC is going crappily. All I have is a hell of a lot of information about the NBC chimes, and the rumor that the notes (G-E-C) stand for General Electric Corporation, which owns NBC. Gah.

People that use "it's" instead of "its" piss me off.
2/26/2002 11:38:35 PM

2/25/2002 10:40:25 PM