Dammit. I apologized to my mom like I said I never would. But only after she did (however sarcastically... she did it anyway.)

Well, I did some "CERTAIN ACTIVITIES" yesterday with Aaron on the hills above my house (no, nothing illegal, actually. We just hung from this tree for a while (I volunteered my dog's neck, but my dog wasn't very enthusiastic).

From the hills, I could see the FedEx truck drive up to our house and deliver my long-awaited PIANO~! to find that its DC adapter was cracked. Eh, it still works... Unfortunately, XP finally got to me and made me go out and buy a new soundcard, for neither Turtle Beach nor Microsoft made an XP driver for the old one. Those bastards. I had to get a new one because the software synth that came with XP was too slow to synchronize MIDI input. My new Santa Cruz sound card, though, is VUNDERBAR! It's got a great MIDI synthesizer, and now Half-Life finally works, so I'll have fun playing that. And MIDIs will be much easier to make, especially original compositions, because I'll just be able to play the notes instead of pecking them in.

3/9/2002 01:59:33 PM

I've been kicked out of my mom's house for the third year in a row.

First time was, of course, my freshman year, where I was getting bad grades. Mom couldn't handle it and drove me to my dad's, leaving me there while my dad was away on vacation.

Next year, I started laughing at mom for an insane argument topic, she started hitting me, and drove me to my dad's.

This year, I disagree with her on the method of creating an oral report, I walk away from an argument, declining to use swearing in every other word, and she throws all of my stuff into my car (after throwing my bowl of pretzels against the wall) and says she'll see me when I apologize.

Now this may just be my incredibly difficult attitude, but I'm not apologizing for anything I've ever said or done to my mom. She'll come crawling back to me, like she has always done in previous years, demanding that I come back to her house to "take care of Lily (my sister)" or something. And I'll have to submit sooner or later. I can't stay at my dad's forever. Currently, though, I wish I could. I never get into arguments with my dad, my grades don't go down (last year they went up), and I just feel a lot better knowing that I'm not going to be yelled at when I get home. There's also the computer I've got here... but that's a minor point. I swear.

I don't really want to elaborate too much on my problems, for even though freedom of speech is my right in this country (and even more on the net), I don't like to publicly and blatantly insult people (my mom included).

If anyone's wondering, my extremely belated birthday party is still goin' on tomorrow, for anyone I've invited. My stepmom will take the place of my mom in driving arrangements... but we're not going to San Francisco because the movie we planned to see was dropped out of theaters yesterday (Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis). Oh well, I guess we'll see Rord of feh Lings (acronym:RofL) tomorrow instead.
3/8/2002 04:04:30 PM

Yesterday the results came in for the Republican candidate to go up against California's current governor, Gray Davis, in November. Gray Davis is pleased, in that a very *liberal* Republican, Dick Riordan, lost to a very *conservative* one, Bill Simon, therefore Gray will probably win, since his tactic will probably be "Simon is too conservative for California and should move to Arkansas or something."

The irony: while I was watching all this news, and while this Simon guy requested that Dubya help him win, I began CHOKING ON A PRETZEL. No fucking kidding.
3/7/2002 07:55:12 AM

3/4/2002 09:04:18 AM

Suddenly a plane crashed into the first of the World Trade Centers. Vegeta's brow grew wrinkled. "Wait a minute... where did that music come from?"

So sayeth Almasy Marquis.
3/3/2002 11:11:55 PM

3/3/2002 10:16:54 PM

Fo fo fo! My dog Java got a haircut and now looks like this again! He also started playing "kill the cat" while my cat Jiro started playing the similar game of "kill the dog!" They're having so much fun!

I bid on and won my first eBay item last week. It's a Korg SP-100 Digital Piano, and I got it for $660, which is over $300 less than its wholesale price. 'Course, all of the MIDI peripherals I need to go along with my new keyboard will probably add up to about $300, so it's a fair trade. With my new keyboard, I'll be able to compose MIDIs much faster, and I'll also have a realistic, hammer-weight simulated keyboard to take anywhere I want (because now I'm a mad car-drivin' mofo).

Paul Chun is still a hit. Some freshmen that I've shown it to have been spending all of their breaks during school watching the thing over and over. Time to put myself down so people will compliment me more: it isn't really that funny, you guys.

I also got a library card (only so recently because I've never read a book in my life), and this library card is an ADULT library card, because I'm 16 and I can drive. I wonder if that means I can borrow "the Joy of Sex." Oh, I remember don't need to! My crazy stepmom has it right on her bookshelf!

Also, I'm feeling (mostly smelling) the effects of KFC being the only food I've eaten today. If I keep this up, I'm going to have to go on a die-t.

My god... I just used a Garfield joke. Erm, pardon me... THE Garfield joke. At least the only one I've ever laughed at in the strip's 25 years of existance.
3/3/2002 05:25:38 PM