Picture of Mark Lee (from the Adventures of Paul Chun) next to his twin brother, popular comic strip character Garfield. (Picture taken by Paul Chun.)

I decided to touch it up just a little to make it look nicer, so take a look. There isn't a big difference between the two.
3/28/2002 11:07:19 PM

::life is ummmmmmmmmm::

Some bloggers think they can say ANYTHING just as long as it's in lowercase and surrounded by colons. DAMN!

Well it's time now for the MARIO IS STONED Inc. (tm) Company Poll (sm)(r)! Post your answer in the comments!

What is the brand of shoes you are currently wearing? HOHO I'M A GENIUS!
3/28/2002 07:55:06 AM

Passover happened today. My mom threw another great party, which involved BRISKET, the best kind of meat EVER. Besides manbeef.

Here's something rather amazing: they've found the "Afghan girl" of National Geographic - her name is Sharbat Gula. In Fremont, an East Bay city where I was born, the photograph of the girl is very popular in restaurants and other shops, as the Afghan population is very high. What I find striking is that even though only 17 years have passed since the picture was taken, it looks like Sharbat aged about 50 years. That's what that sort of life can do to you, I guess...

The first NEO-MIDGAR comic is coming soon. It will still be partially drawn by me - I'm drawing the OOC pictures of James and me. But Tiya's doing all the "in-game" art, as well as all of the Photoshop stuff.

It's the middle of the second semester, so that means some pretty heavy tests are coming up... including a near-impossible Chemistry Honors test. That's why I haven't been on my cam a lot... because I've been doing some rather hardcore studying. Ah, at least there won't be any work to do next week during Spring Break, where I'll be going to LA with my mom to visit colleges.

I'm watching Jay Leno now, so I think I'll stop now so I can enjoy some "BADLY NAMED PRODUCTS!"
3/27/2002 11:50:21 PM

Furthermore: TYCHO IS BALD!!!!!!!!
3/26/2002 12:45:12 AM

Happy-go-oh-lucky news: there's a big ol' chance that Midgard will return! Even better, it won't be drawn by me! Tiya, who's given me some fanart, has accepted the job, and I'll be giving her the script for the first comic pretty soon. I just have to work myself out of a plot hole (one reason I stopped making Midgard).

Golden Sun, as I mentioned before (uh, on my webcam), has annoying music. It's repetetive, generic, predictable, and worst of all, it's by Sakuraba, so it SHOULD have been good. But that doesn't mean I won't stop making the Golden Sun World Map theme as a request. Since it's so (see above), it's an easy job. Easy jobs are fun.

Nexto weeko, I'll probably be going to Los Angeles. My first time there, except for stopping off to change flights. (I saw the Hollywood sign from the plane and the rest of my family didn't so yayay.) I'll be visiting college campuses down there, like UCLA and Cal Poly, and best of all, I'm probably going to the TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO!!!

Not much else to say, but God DAMN am I glad school went by quickly today. I forgot to shower yesterday and I smelled like a BITCH. Well, my scent was not of a female dog, but rather, the method in which my foul scent eminated was simliar to the wild motions of a dog in heat. So there.
3/26/2002 12:38:24 AM