What Parents Say:

What Terra Linda High School Students Hear:

Anyone who wishes to kill me for the horrible joke will have the opportunity to do so during this intended period of time that follows:

And if you could really kill me during the time that it took me to type "<P>" and paste it a few times, then I must commend you for your agility and mad skills.
5/17/2002 03:31:35 PM

I finished my first MIDI in a few months. Hellfire104, who requested the song, originally thought it was from Final Fantasy, so I must emphasize that this request did not come from any infatuation with Dragonball Z, which he may or may not have.

It's Gohan's Theme, and it's an 8 minute piece complete with tempo and dynamics. I'm never doing anything that long AGAIN.
5/16/2002 09:31:23 AM

My dad was showing me some old albums dating from 1960 - 1985, albums I'd never seen before. They included pictures of my dad as a kid (he looked just like me), pictures of my cousins as infants, and lots of pictures of my grandpa, who died 15 months before I was born. The last picture in the photo album was of me as a newborn.

Also inserted in the album was a eulogy of my great-grandpa, written by my grandpa. I learned a lot about my family's work history - both my grandpa, his brother and dad were furriers - they ran a company called Faden Furs. Another interesting fact that my dad told me: my father's father's father's second wive's daughter's ex-husband is Neil Diamond. That makes me his ex-step-grandson in law. I'm DAMN famous now.
5/15/2002 10:01:17 PM

I changed the colors of the site a bit. Now the light blue matches the rest of the background, and the dark blue matches the blue border around the whole site. Now, I need to submit my site to the fair before Friday, or I won't be guaranteed a Best of Show in the Marin County Fair yeehee.

My dad is forcing me to be responsible and completely cutting off my internet connection during the afternoons, until he returns home and monitors me like a hawk. I could easily find the cable modem and plug it back into the wall, but instead I think I'll obey his totalitarian rules and do offline things instead, that I can put online when I have the chance :D

I will please the geek universe by making a model of a caffiene molecule. I've already put it together with proportionately sized styrofoam balls and sticks. Now I just need to paint it, and turn it in to Chemistry for 10 whoppin' points of extra credits. Hooray.

M - I - C you later! - K - E - Y? because YOU SUCK
M - O - O - S - Eeeeeeehhhhh because meese are Canadian and WTF goip gome-owf, wef.
5/15/2002 12:52:32 PM

Check out this week's My Turn in Newsweek for an article on Marin County (where I live, you dolt). The writer Jim Kennedy defends Marin, as we all have, against recent accusations that Marin's "hideously" tolerant atmosphere is breeding ground for terrorists, like John Walker Lindh (whose family's next-door neighbor was my sister's babysitter!). He does so in a nice fashion, but I'd take his standpoint even farther. I don't live in Fairfax, where Lindh grew up, but rather in the county's capital, San Rafael, and I barely see any signs of extreme liberalism at all. The two schools in San Rafael are as normal as can be. While there may be a few more Democrats than Republicans, almost everyone pigs out on McDonald's and Jamba Juice and listens to the same stuff as anywhere else, and we have as many communists as in any other school, tee hee. And while I can't back this up since I've never gone to any other school outside the San Francisco Bay Area, I can say this: our school's facilities suck.

But maybe that's just because everyone spends too much money on SUVs :D (Damn, I just completely ruined my point, didn't I?)
5/14/2002 06:36:29 PM

Mario is Stoned is NO MORE.

Why? Many reasons. ...Well, more like 3 reasons.

1) "Mario is Stoned" doesn't look good on resumes. Heck, it doesn't look good anywhere. The average highschooler asks if I'm "high" every time they visit the site. And yet again, I DON'T DO DRUGS.

2) I'm planning on submitting the site to the Marin County Fair, and I don't think "Mario is Stoned" will really be a good message to shout out on every Awards list throughout the whole fair. Although I've come to dislike the competition (I lost Best of Show to a clip-art-infested page with unorganized lists of NASA data), I still feel like winning a little money for my site. Maybe it'll go towards, uh, new MIDI stuff. Yeah.

3) Like any meme on the internet, I've sort of outgrown the Animutation-infested secret life of Mario. Yes, the little picture of Mario pulling on *something* is funny, and I've kept it here for your enjoyment.

For the people that actually visit my site to access the content and read the journal (rather than, uh, pointing and laughing at the title of the site all day), rest assured that nothing else on the site will change. I haven't added anything new or taken anything old away (yeah, yeah, except the rotating Mario heads).

So enjoy the new layout (I think it's freakin' sweet - and it only took a few hours) and hope that I succeed in life now that I seem a bit more professional...

Oh, and yes, those are MY eyes staring you down. Muahahaha.
5/13/2002 07:32:31 AM