Okay, assheads. Here's the deal. We're making this completely insane offer that you would be rather lazy (and STUPID) to pass up. You get a tape of James, Steve, Felix and me running around Marin talking French for $3 (this includes shipping which probably costs more than that)... and when you're done with it, you get a free videocassette to record over. I mean HELL, taking off the shipping costs, this is a completely free tape, with completely free footage.

Now why the hell WOULDN'T you want this? Tell me, please. I mean it, give me a comment with a coherent explanation. And I'm telling you, the footage is FUNNY. James is even probably going to include some MvC2 footage.

So just click the little PayPal button and lay down 3 measly dollars along with your shipping address, and you'll recieve the tape. Just consider it a must-have for the even casual JeffreyAtW reader.
5/25/2002 06:01:44 PM

Really different kind of day today.

The day started off with me titling the design of this site "OBEY," because it is reminiscent of the Obey Giant. My drama/choir teacher wasn't there, so for 2 periods we basically fooled around and accomplished nothing toward our final projects for the year. I got to play on my old crappy keyboard I brought to school. I actually turned in all of my required assignments for English, because my teacher wasn't sadistic and didn't add anything extra to the whiteboard at the last minute of class or anything.

Then came the big turning point - 4th period. The entire junior class was excused that period to go over to the gym, where we listened to all the candidates rant about how they'd accomplish EVERYTHING if they got elected to some stupid position like "Treasurer" or something. Now the problem with this was the choice for Senior Class President - only one candidate. It wasn't always this way.

Now John Wang, my former Pokemon-type rival (while Ash and Gary fought with Pokemon, I fought John's predisposition with Pokemon), had originally been running against Jena McRae, the other (winning) candidate. John is a genius when it comes to self-promotion. Garnering up the required self-esteem, John placed posters all around school, exclaiming "VOTE WANG," followed by a random capture from a Pokemon episode, and some subtle sexual innuendo (like "A Bonafide Leader" or "Ask Not What Wang Can Do For You, But What You Can Do For Wang"). It was genius, and soon he was hailed thoughout the school, and it was almost a unanimous decision throughout the school that he would win. This is where John decided to take it one step further.

His next round of posters boasted "got Wang?" followed by a picture of him with a milk moustache, holding a Pikachu doll, and molesting random ferns placed throughout his house. He, along with some of his friends, even started wearing the famous Penny Arcade "got wang?" t-shirt. Seriously.

Seeing this, Mrs. Bader, the advisor of the Associated Student Body (ASB), went nuts. She disqualified John from the elections, and ensured Jena the role of Senior Class President. Well, people complained, even taking things to the point of accusations of racism because of the simple appearance of John's last name in his advertising. A petition even went around (started by James), but to no avail.

Come election day, today, not everyone knew about the circumstances behind John's getting pulled from the election. So when Jena finished her "victory" speech, a few kids got riled up and shouted "what about Wang?" Bader was probably ready for this, as she pulled the students from the gym and prevented them from voting. The period after the results were called, people walked out of their classrooms to find posters pasted throughout all of the halls, reading "MRS. BADER IS A FASCIST." Scary, huh?

Well, come to think of it, the kid who put those posters up sounds right. Mrs. Bader disqualified an appropriate candidate, she deprived students of free speech AND the right to vote, and she discarded all Scantron ballots with "Wang" written in the margins. What a sorry state of affairs. I hope the message got to Mrs. Bader before the posters were torn down.

Oh, and also, the vice president I had supported lost also. He lost fair and square, but his advertising campaign was also really good. I actually designed the posters and stickers for him. His name's Max Kuperman, so I just stuck his face on a bunch of pictures of Superman, and created a fancy title saying "SUPERMAN KUPERMAN!"

...And then I babysat kids and played Chrono Trigger with them for the whole evening. Fun fun fun!
5/24/2002 10:31:43 PM

As you've probably noticed, I also changed the type on the top of the page (although it's not really type anymore). I think it looks pretty cool - it's the usual way I type, along with the same words loosely sketched behind them for a rugged look. Tell me what you think.
5/23/2002 09:25:53 AM

5/22/02 - Everyone says that this kid Mark Lee looks like Garfield. By the way, I wasn't looking at any other drawings while making this, so it's sloppier than it could be.
5/23/2002 07:15:37 AM

Note: the following opinions are largely uneducated and reminiscent of Jim's rants from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Last week, America was sad. They were in a complete slump. So far, we haven't been successful in finding Osama bin Laden (awww, I'm shedding a tear), and the war on terrorism has been yielding widely unsuccessful results. Boo, hoo, hoo.

This week, some MORON in the media feels like changing everyone's attitude and puts the blame on Bush, saying that he could have EASILY prevented the crap that happened last September. He knew EVERYTHING. He knew the NAMES of the people who would sabotage the planes, he knew the EXACT time and place, and he even knew the number of people who would die. (By the way, I'm kidding for God's sakes, but you get the idea.)

All of a sudden, the media is filled with anti-American slush about "WHAT BUSH KNEW." And all of my "smarter" friends are starting to rant on about how the whole attack was a conspiracy and a coverup all of a sudden - like Bush wanted the attack to happen. This is completely STUPID. No elected official in a democratic government - let alone his administration which actually does all the thinking - would martyr 3,000 of their own people for no reason.

And so now we're thrown into this state of mistrust of the government - a phase that should have passed by months and months ago. This is a perfect example on how the biased media can so easily move the public from patriotic to anarchist with just one week of press releases.

One last note - it comes as no surprise to me at ALL that U.S. intelligence knew about these attacks. Threats are made all the time - they have been made before and after 9/11. And even though it may seem surprising that the government didn't take many precautions to prevent it, keep in mind that these threats were made BEFORE the actual attack happened, and the country went into such a state of high alert. Now of course AFTER the attack, a false threat towards bridges on the west coast is responded to by a flood of National Guard troops. Of COURSE there wasn't much effort made to stop the attack.
5/22/2002 07:57:36 AM

Rana'c cusa pek hafc - so sus kud y haf jarelma. Huf caaehk dryd so sus'c paah ihasbmuoat vun y vaf suhdrc, uha fuimt dno du lid pylg uh dra cbahtehk ihdem yhudran zup bucedeuh fyc calinat. Pid so sus ryc fyoc ynuiht dryd - zicd ica ran nadenasahd viht! Cu cra kuac yht pioc y keyhd DNILG. Ed'c y Heccyh nat dnilg fedr vuin caydc, yht po Kut, ec ed sycceja.

Pid rana'c dra faentacd bynd - cra'c hud kuehk du camm ran umt lyn, y badeda Ruhty Lejel, du syga ib vun dra $40,000 cra'c zicd cbahd. Ehcdayt cra bmyhc du keja dra lyn du so cecdan eh vuin oaync frah cra'c umt ahuikr du tneja. Famm yeh'd dryd tyhto?

Vundihydamo, tacbeda ryjehk hu zup, cra kadc y cdayto ehlusa vnus so tyt, fru kejac ran $2000 lremt cibbund ajano suhdr ajah druikr E tuh'd meja drana yhosuna. Cra'c icehk dra suhao du byo uvv ran sundkyka. Kaaw.
5/21/2002 06:24:58 PM

Yeah, so I downloaded Episode 2 this weekend - it's been getting tossed around the internet for a while... and I must say...


I mean, it's completely freaking amazing! You've got to see the motivation of all the characters... and the action scenes are perfect! I like the chemistry between the lovebirds in the movie, actually. It's quite touching. Definitely a leap over the last one... I'll tell you that much. Now I won't give anything away, but I will say that the movie comes to a thrilling climax. I know the movie's been getting rave reviews, but no one's really mentioned the musical score to it. Isn't it great? I especially like this line in the main theme:

5/20/2002 07:58:05 AM

This weekend has had its share of sucking and rocking.

Periodic Table of How Things Are:


Su2Ro - Disuck Roxide
1g Su2Ro = 8.012 amu Su, 16.033 amu Ro
% Su = 33%
% Ro = 66%

Thank you, thank you.

I started off the week by buying earrings for my mom, since it was her birthday. I liked them - they were sterling silver with 5 different colored stones - and they were half off at Macy's, so they were only $25. I met her at Fresh Choice, a west-coast salad bar, and had a small birthday party with some of her other friends. Rock.

Then we were off to Terra Linda High School, where my good ol' drama friends were putting on the last production of the year - Bon Bons From the Bard. It's an original play written by this supergenius student, Jesse Brownstein, in which an English acting company is forced to put on the worst "Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors" EVER under the direction of an American, uh, director. It was hilarious, and the funniest part is that my sister actually laughed more than I did. Oh wait, maybe that means it's childish. Or it could just mean that I have no sense of humor. Yeah, that's it. Rock.

After the play, I met some of Steve's friends. They all planned to go watch a movie, and I volunteered to drive some people. They ended up deciding not to go see a movie at the last minute, and I was stuck driving out of my way to drop people off at home. Suck.

But I got home, and the internet was cut off by my dad, as usual. Isn't that barbaric? He sees that as the only way for me to succeed in life, or something. But fortunately, I had downloaded Clerks a while ago, and got to watching it. And I'll tell you, it freaking Rocked.

The next day came my Japanese final, and I did much better than last year (in which I took a look at the damn thing and forfeited the class). It was really an in-and-out procedure - I took the test and that was the last I'll ever see of my Japanese class again. Farewell, I guess. 3Ro6Su5?? Can't balance equation!! YOU GET AN F BLAUGHLAUGH

I stopped off at TL again where Pride Day was going on. Pride Day is where kids get community service hours (and work off detention if applicable) by renovating the school's courtyard and repairing other random stuff around the place. I was only able to stay for an hour, because Japanese class has overlapped all the Pride Days for the entire year. Suck.

So I went to my mom's house and helped her paint some window sills. I then went back to TL where James was waiting for me. We in turn would wait over an hour for Steve and Felix, who said they'd been waiting for us somewhere else, or something. Suck.

But our plan was to drive over to the nearby city of Larkspur, where we'd eat at the upscale French restaurant Left Bank. We'd speak French the whole way through, though, and we'd film ourselves. This was for a project in James and Steve's French class. Some sort of extra credit thing. But unfortunately, Steve's tape he brought was defective, so we had to drive over to the nearest Good Guys to get another one. Suck.

But when we finally got the tape and went to the restaurant, God DAMN was the food good. We all ended up having Onion Soup au Gratin ("wit de grated cheese y0"), and I had this weird but GOOD bowl of shredded crab with cheese and breadcrumbs. And we got to shout "Vote Wang" into the camera (I'll talk about that later). Rock.

But were our adventures in film over? No! We filmed this amazing chase scene on the freeway where I passed Felix's car, and in turn, I smashed into the wall and died. Very much fun. We arrived in Downtown San Rafael and danced our asses off on DDR. I have footage of Steve dancing - and seeing that he's Steve, the Max Payne lookalike who looks down on anything coated in a shade over 50% luminosity, it's a big step for him. Steve and Felix showed James and me this new place that I'd never seen on 4th Street - this LAN game center that charges only $5/hour. Maybe I'll try it out if I get the hang of Counter-Strike. Rick.

And then my dad called and wondered why I didn't come home at 1:00 like I promised. I got home and wasn't allowed to go to my friend Jeff's birthday party the next day. Sock.

And today, I woke up bright and early to take a tour of the Ex'pression Center for New Media in Emeryville. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. It was as amazing as I thought it would be - if not more. It has its own 3-D motion capture studio, state-of-the-art computers completely owned by the president of the school, and simply amazing professors that know, like, EVERYTHING about what I've been doing for the past 5 years. I showed a few of them my website and they liked it (although they were probably just being nice). The only problems are: 1) it's not a real college and 2) it's DAMN expensive. $32,900 for a 14-month program in which you may or may not get a Bachelor's degree depending on whether you've had general education or not. So I'll probably just go to a regular college and major in digital graphic design there. Alas, poor Ex'pression Center... But anyway, ROCK. SCISSOR. PAPER.

And then I went home and "studied Chemistry" for the rest of the day. Suck.

Anyone tired of the one-word analysis after each paragraph? Well, good news. This blog's over. Rock.

Just kidding. Suck.
5/19/2002 06:21:15 PM