For those of you in Central Time Zone, Happy Father's Day. I got my dad a headset for his cellphone, and a fake report card, saying I got all A's, and on the back it says I got an A in "Manipulation of Report Cards." Har har har.

And I finally submitted and got one of those spiffy LED lights... and God DAMN are they bright. And it says they last 110,000 hours or something. Weird shit.

Speaking about shit, there was that South Park episode where they said "shit" 162 times. Fun stuff.

And I'm throwing a party next weekend, probably on Sunday. I'm telling everyone to bring their DDR pads, yay.

I can't really type anything massive because I can't stop thinking about my arms, which are in tremendous pain right now. I started working out with a personal trainer yesterday, and his upper body workout is a killer. No pain no gain. But OUCH.
6/15/2002 10:41:37 PM

School's out.



I have never been so happy about summer vacation. I have so much spum to do this summer, and now that school's out, I'll actually have all the time to do it.

First of all, I get my internet priveleges back, finally. Hello World!

I can start back up on my MIDIs. I've officially stopped accepting free MIDI requests until I get all the other ones done. It's mainly to get the pressure off my back of having 14 people waiting on me. But I'm still taking paid requests, so that's k3wl.

My internship starts next week. W00! I hope they give me some fun work. I wonder what exactly I'll be doing with their websites.

And I can now play video games again! That means DDR all summer long. And maybe I'll get Gitaroo-Man or something... music games are funfun.

Well, now it's off to my dad's house, where my sister has probably been playing DDR all day (she got out of school yesterday).

My Chemistry final? Well here's another analogy: GAME OVER. But at least it's at the end of the game and all my friends let me see the ending.

And I leave you with a sad thought: my class of 2003 is the first class to become seniors after 9/11. *cry* *cry*
6/13/2002 02:54:29 PM

Studying for Chemistry. Best way to describe it is like leveling up for a final battle.

Furthermore, there's a song from DDR Konamix that's also in Zone of the Enders! While I never thought of DDR having/sharing music from/with ZoE, it seems painfully obvious once I notice they're both by Konami. :P

I'll find out the name of the song tomorrow, when I can legally (according to my parents) play the thing... because school will be out.
6/12/2002 07:13:12 PM

Wow. When I jump and land at full force, I create an instantaneous blow of about 500 pounds. Check today's webcam for more details.
6/11/2002 05:39:36 PM

Feeling: jealous
Listening to: My new Winamp Top 50 list

Boy, am I jealous. Of just about everyone. I often feel this way, but I'm usually just too proud to express it. I know I have a lot to be thankful for and lots of things that people would envy me about, but all of it's material.

First of all, I'm jealous, and have always been jealous, of Ian. He runs, what, three webcomics simultaneously, and is the greatest internet teen success story I've ever heard of. I still get to talk to him since I'm big in #rpgcomics, but he's just so... famous. I wonder if he really appreciates and *wants* all the fame he's getting. Hu...

Then there's everybody at Safety Monkey's cam portal. They're all in their twenties, they drink a lot of vodka, and have established positions on the net, blah blah, but I want on. I have a webcam. And a SNAPPY webcam. Yessirree.

And Bob. He's always been a better writer, has always been able to keep up his little quirks (has been wearing a black hat forEVAR), and always seems to have a much more interesting life, according to his Livejournal. At least he has many more female friends than I. Or friends in general.

Speaking about that, there's Steve and his new condescending, Max Payne worshipping, Slashdot-readin' posse. I'm always in the wrong place when he and Felix and Billy and Simeon and lots of other names you don't care about stay up all night having an all-out ORGY, as far as I know. Am I jealous and do I want sex? Heck, everybody does. But I don't really plan to have sex as a teenager, and I'd rather have sex with someone I've actually KNOWN for more than one night. They could just be bragging sons of bitches being immature and whatnot, but I doubt it. I mean, virginity fades away from more rambunctious at my age... and that's that. Furthermore, they all love their PC games. I don't own ANY PC games. I'm on a budget for one thing, and I don't really want to go around shooting polygons with my polygons.

Everyone I've mentioned is nice and all, but it may be just too much to reach out to them. I'd have to change myself into something I'm not to be recognized. I guess I don't want that... all it would do is boost my ego and make me elitist. it's probably just better to keep on doing what I'm doing, making MIDIs, and relating on a better level to people like James.

I'm still jealous of all those bastards, though.

EDIT: And Indogutsu, DAMMIT! Although his self-esteem's too low to admit he has superior composing skills.
6/10/2002 03:18:12 PM