So everyone was over today. I threw a party and every local internet person I know came. And 80's and Jeff and Lauryne too.

We started off by watching "Kentucky Fried Movie." It was like SNL, only it had lots of boobies and wasn't as funny, and it made everyone uncomfortable. It had a pretty good Kung Fu movie parody, though, probably better executed than Kung Pow!, but then again I've never seen that movie. Afterwards, we watched the AMAZING VIDEO OFFER~! that James compiled, and that was funnier. Then it was time for burgers and garlic bread and ham+swiss roll thingies oh my. And then we played muchos DDRz0rs. I sort of forgot that Mikosi could play DDR so well, and Bryan beats me at everything. So we all did well. And everyone there played at least one game even if they didn't know how, so I applaud everyone.


James also gave me that CD-R of every DDR song known to man for Dance With Intensity. Whoooo now I get to try ultra-hard 7th Mix songs.

So overall it was a blast and if you weren't there then your only excuse is that you live across the country but I said that every local internet person was there so everyone has and excuse.
6/22/2002 07:38:49 PM

I'm too busy with my free time activities. :P

So there's a PARTY AT MARK'S JEFFREY'S HOUSE on Saturday. And everyone's invited. Should be fun. We'll watch a "movie" and then play some DDR. And there will be BEEF! And Paul is coming.

I finished a MIDI of I Love You by Faith Evans. Ugggh. How dare Brian request that song just to show how gay he is.

And my job? Good. Pretty generic, but I'm having fun.

And now time for DDR and MIDIs!
6/20/2002 08:27:43 PM


So we got our first out-of-state payment from Almasy. I told him I didn't get it and he needs to send it again... when just then I noticed a letter waiting for me upstairs. So yeah, I hope he gets the message before we get two checks from him. James would probably cash the second one as well, that CAPITALIST. Heeheh, I made it sound like I was really mad at James today. We're not on speaking terms!

So my internship starts tomorrow. I wonder what I'll be doing. Even more importantly, I wonder if my employer will remember that he's hired interns. It feels like a really laid-back position. But just as long as I get to sit down and design websites all day, I'll be fine.

And now for random stuff... I beat FFX and FFIX for fun today. FFX is easy, while FFIX is comparably NOT. And the graphics are somewhat overdone on FFIX. I mean, while Flare in FFX is just a little flame spouting out, Flare in FFIX is A BIG MONSTER RED EXPLOSION KABLOOEY DEAD OUCH.

My arms are hurting less today. They will hurt more tomorrow when I get back to my personal trainer. He used to play soccer for Brazil, so he's rather strong, and damn, he gets me in positions that Brian wouldn't even dream of.

<Sketchee> Oh I have, Jeffy, I have.

And I leave you with this parting word:
6/17/2002 12:16:10 AM