It's time to play *NAME* *THAT* *FACE!!!*
About Me
I am 14 years old. This is a new picture of me.

I live in two locations in San Rafael, CA. My hobbies are websites, composing music, and drawing.
I've made numerous MIDI's, ranging from songs, to video game music, to my own compositions. Here's a complete list of what I've composed.
I am a freshman at Terra Linda High School, and I was on the Cross Country team. Wouldn't ya know it, I made my team a website!
I now run two pages. One is, of course, this one, and the other is a group work website, mainly run by my friend, James. It's called The Midgar Swamp, and it has humor about video games there. I am a contributor and a staff member there.
I have made many cartoons in my life, starting out with a lousy picture of Sonic the Hedgehog, and ending up with a cartoon series! It stars 3 people and a round cat-like furball. The main character is named Stüssy and the furball-like guy is named Oynx, along with the two other people, Mossimo and Yaga. The comics I have on the Internet are my pride and joy because they bring two of my favorite things together.
With a lot of help from me also, my little sister Lily has made a website. It tells about her and her hobbies. She's also got some nice music and drawings on it. Just a quick note: It's under permanent construction (she's glued me to it).

Favorite Colors: Turquoise, Blue, and White

Favorite Numbers: 377, 231, 9, 13

Favorite Video Games: Final Fantasy 5 and 8, Chrono Trigger

Favorite Video Game Characters: Tifa, Cait Sith, Mario Mario, Tangela, Zell, Laguna

Favorite Comic Strips: Garfield, Stüssy's Guide to Life, Wendy.

Here is a self-portrait of what I look like most lately.
I had a portrait and a caricature taken of me in the Montmartre district of Paris, France.
Here is an old picture of me.
Contacting Me